Monday, August 24, 2015

Wedding Plans begin - Spring 2014

About 1-month later, Preston returns to WA to prepare for their trip to Nebraska.  Nice looking couple I might add!  Two things had to happen before they left town for 4-months.  Engagement photo's and to find the dress!  Finding a dress to fit her petite body frame wasn't easy.  We had to special order a size 0, must be nice!  Oh wait, I used to be that size pre-married life!!  Okay moving on...
Her Aunt Melinda offered to do a photo shoot for them for their engagement picture's.  Photography has always been one of  Melinda's hobbies.  She saved us a ton of money by offering that service.  It was her gift to Kenedee.  K & P wanted a rustic theme reception, so the pictures were taken in the suburbs of Puyallup where there's a lot of rustic photo options to choose from.  She did a great job and we were all very pleased with her work.  We would have hired or asked her to do the wedding photo's, but since she's family, we didn't want her stuck behind a camera all night.  

This is the picture they ultimately decided to go with.   It was hard to choose.  Melinda took at least 100 and most of them were really good.  
The colors they chose were navy blue, dusty rose and gold.  She also wanted Burlap, white lace and chalkboard accents.