Monday, August 24, 2015

Kyle a Missionary - Summer 2015

Okay, so I told you in advance I was gonna be all over the place with trying to catch up.  If I try to start with just blogging the past and not anything too current, I will never get caught up.  So here's the deal...I will blog something from the past and then something current.  Just need to pay attention to the dates.  
So some catching up with Kyle's life.  Several months ago, right before Easter,  I confronted Kyle with the question, when are you going to submit your mission paperwork?  Technically he could have submitted them on March 1st since he was planning to make July 1st his availability date.  You can't submit them more than 120 days in advance.  It was at that time that he told us he wasn't planning to serve a mission.  It broke my heart.  I was so sad and disappointed as we had no idea.  It's just always been expected of him.  After many tears shed on my part, we suggested that he talk to a few people and get their input.  So he first reached out to his favorite seminary teacher ever, Lance Shulberg.  He has always admired Lance and also would work out with Lance.  Lance was also our home teacher and we just felt a connection with him.  Of course he highly encouraged Kyle and said it will be one of the best decisions he would ever make.  Next he spoke with Loren Arb who ended up being his YM's president for the last few months the Arb's were in the ward.  Loren was also our home teacher with Lance.  2 of Kyle's favorite people who he looked up to and admired.  Loren is very much a business man and told Kyle he should pursue a career.  I was a bit disappointed with his advice.  Then he spoke with Rob Lee whom Ryan and Kyle home taught, long time family friend and has a daughter Kyle's age.  Rob married young and did not serve a mission, so Kyle was trying to get his view as well.  Rob said, GO KYLE! 
Kyle was totally setting himself up for disappointment.  He was afraid he'd get sent to Oregon or Idaho or some place lame.  I told him, he would be sent where the Lord felt he was needed.  Each call is inspired and they pray for each missionary who submits their paperwork.  It's not just a random area picked out of a hat.  He also talked with my brother David on Easter  Sunday.  David said, Kyle so what if you go state side, at least you can still go to Costco or Target if you need to.  You're also less likely to get sick or catch a parasite, but you still have a chance to learn a language if required.  So after a lot of prayer, he knew this is what he was supposed to do. 
It took a while to get his paperwork together.  For a short period of time, Kyle had some counseling so he needed to get signatures that he was cleared to go.  Some things were missed as well, so his assignment/mission call was delayed.  It took over a month to get his assignment.  Finally it arrived, the day before Father's Day, June 20th, 2015. The timing couldn't have been any better.  Ryan made it very clear that he didn't want a father's day gift.  I felt bad not getting him anything, but seriously,  does it get any better then this?  Kyle had to quickly find a replacement at work to cover his shift.  The whole family was going to be in Puyallup for the June birthday's/Father Day celebration .  We were really hoping he would have received it 1-week sooner when the family was here for his graduation, but actually this day was even more perfect.  Everyone at his work knew he had been waiting for this letter to arrive and how important it was.  He got his shift covered, but by the time I got it in the mail from when he actually opened it, it was about 5 hours later.   
He was so nervous to read it.  Tampa, Florida English speaking.  To report on Wednesday, August 19th at the Provo, UT MTC.  Kyle was ecstatic.  He loves Florida.  He will be about 2-hours away from our dear friends the McDermott's.  Unfortunately, he won't be able to see them during his time in Florida.  In 2015, the LFP Ward will be sending out 7 missionaries.
Ellie Scruggs - Guatemala (Left in June 10th)
David Foster - Wisconsin (Left in June)
Jacob Wolff - Chile (Left July 1st)
Elder Bongalon - California (Left August 12th)
Kyle Malcom - Tampa, Florida (Left August 19th)
Lauren Pyper - Raleigh, NC (Leaves December 2nd)
Nichole Milstead who is getting ready to submit her paperwork.    
It's crazy since we haven't had anyone serve in years.  Lindsey Hess left January 2014, but several months after she left, her parents relocated to Texas so we haven't seen her since her release a few weeks ago.  This is a crazy busy year for our ward!  Lots of prayers needed.
 Kyle just getting ready to leave to get set apart on Tuesday, 8/18/15

Officially Elder Malcom with Stake President - President McCall.