Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August Craft Night, 2015

Sandra and her knitting
 Kathy created Disney shirts for their next trip to Disneyland.
Mary was working on a baby quilt.
 Teresa was creating bows, Kara was knitting
Caroline was working on her first quilt ever.  Brandolyn was sewing curtains.
 Torrie was consulting with Kathy on some cricket idea's
Mary was cutting fabric for her baby quilt
First time in 18-months, we finally had a ladies craft night.  The last one I hosted , was way before the wedding and was working on the "Save The Date" invites.  I felt the need to have one to help distract me from Kyle being away.  Beginning September 12th, we will go back to our 2nd Saturday of the month.  This particular craft night there were 9 of us!  Myself, Kathy, Mary, Torrie, Brandolyn, Kara, Caroline and Teresa and Sandra.  We had quilters, crafters, knitters and myself...really nothing.  I was gone all day Saturday and wasn't organized at start time.  Besides, every time I would sit down, one of the ladies would ask if I had something in particular they could borrow.  So I was constantly getting up and getting items for them.  No big deal though.  I served ice cream sundae's since I had so much left over from the farewell party.    Mary had me get out my fancy sewing machine and has encouraged me to take a class and learn how to use it before I start my next quilt.  I love craft nights!   We learn from each other, socialize, laugh and enjoy yummy food.  Doesn't get any better then that.  And its cheaper than therapy! 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Temple Day - August 8th 2015

 Temple was closed most of July so our first opportunity for Kyle to go the temple was Saturday, August 8th.  Was another beautiful day.  Had to be there by 7:30 AM.  Cathy Roper rode with us.

We had invited close friends and long time ward members to join us for the 9 AM session, but didn't realize at the time we schedule his live endowment, that that was the last day of girls camp.  So a lot of my close friends were unable to attend.  Those in attendance were my parents, my sister Janese and my brother David.  From church it was Cathy Roper, Kelly Lee, Loren and Lindsey Arb, and the Dave, Marion and Layne Mohlman.  
After the session, we had to make a stop at Deseret Book to exchange Kyle's defective scriptures and saw Kathy Cheetham who I haven't seen in 27 years.  I used to babysit for her all the time when she was Kathy Julich.  She remarried shortly before I did so there wasn't the need any longer.  In fact, her husband did all the music at our wedding reception 27-years ago!  Talk about blast from the past.  And she looks exactly the same.  Something I learned that day from her was that my father-in-law Doug, was her first home teacher when she was reactivated oh so long ago.  She came out to the car to say hi to Ryan and he even recognized her from a distance.  He didn't remember about his father being her home teacher.  Was really cool to learn that.  Also learned that she knows Lynda Hjelm as well.  She said that the triplets are the same age as her daughter and joked with Lynda about Lynda taking one of her babies.  (Kathy really wanted twins and Lynda had triplets)   

Just a few days later, on Thursday, August 13, Ryan and I celebrated our 27-year anniversary.  Ryan couldn't get the day off from work, so Kyle and I returned to the temple and spent 6 hours there.  We dropped Ryan off at work, then arrived at the temple about 9:45 AM.  We started with inititories, then did the 10 AM session, had lunch and finished with sealings.  Kyle got to experience a little bit of everything.  I loved spending the day with him.  While eating lunch, I recognized a gentleman putting his lunch tray away.  It was Larry Hellyer, my Bishop from my teenage years.  We chatted with him and his wife Ellen who BTW, was my Beehive advisor, then years later ended up as my YW President.  It was so fun catching up with them and introducing them to Kyle.  Ellen told Kyle that I was so straight laced as a youth and that he should always take counsel from me!  lol  Another interesting fact:  Ellen did all the flowers for my wedding 27-years ago!  She was a florist and that was her gift to me.  I was able to purchase the flowers at her wholesale price and then she did all the assembly for my bouquet, the bridesmaid's bouquets, the fresh flowers on our cake and all the flowers at my tables.  So basically in less then 1-week, Kyle got to meet 2 families that not only were very involved in my youth years but also my wedding.  The Hellyer's also mentioned to Kyle that I was their favorite babysitter! 

Fund Raising Yard Sale - July 18th, 2015

Once Kyle received his mission call, I decided that I wanted to have a yard sale to help fund his mission.  I was already in the de-junking mode as I was prepping our home for house guests and also for a new employee.  So much of the items I was trying to move were toys.
Since I am known for my cookies, I thought it wouldn't hurt to make 6 different kinds and sell large cookies for $1 each.  I made peanut butter, snickerdoodles, ginger, soft chocolate chip, double dark chocolate and M&M.  All cookies were individually wrapped.

 I also reached out to everyone and asked if anyone had items sitting around their home that they would be willing to donate to our Yard Sale, I would gladly take anyone gently used items. 

 I was amazed at how generous my friends were and the items they donated.  We even got large furniture.  A bit nervous those items wouldn't sell and then it was up to me to donated them to Goodwill or Deseret Industries.  The date was set for Saturday, July 18th.  I had been preparing for a good couple of weeks.   
I learned on Wednesday that week that on Friday, July 17th, I was only going to have 2 children that day, so I took advantage of that and on Thursday the 16th, I prepped my DC kitchen with all the toys.  Just like the Yard Sale I did back in 2011 (for Ireland) I knew I wanted to keep all the toys inside because it was too much to drag outside.  I had a sign that let people know that children's items were inside.   
By the end of my work day on Thursday, the whole children's section was set up and families actually came and purchased at time of picking up their kids.  By the end of Thursday (2-days before the actual yard sale started) I had already made $90.  On Friday, I contacted all my coop friends and some of the ladies from church to let them take a look a day early.  Especially the gals from church that had boys about Kyle's size.  Thought they might want first picks of his really nice clothes.  I couldn't believe how busy I was that morning.  For about 3-hours straight I had tons of friends here.  I had made $800 by the end of Friday and my sale didn't technically start until the next morning. 
Saturday morning, Ryan and I got up at 4:30 and started taking everything that wasn't toys, outside.  I went and hung up signs at 6 AM.  Sale was from 8-4 that day.  By 7:15, people were showing up.  By the end of the day, our grand total in sales was slightly over $1700!  I started to cry.  That was 3-months of Kyle's mission paid for, plus his $300 mobile device and a little extra left for the last minute items we needed to purchase before he left.  I truly felt the Lord was blessing me that day.  I couldn't have done it without all the donations from my friends.   
When all was said and done, the items that I felt could still be sold, I donated to the Shorecrest Rummage Sale for their Ireland trip in 2016.  I also donated a ton of items to the Shoreline School District Works program for those students in need of clothing.  The items I didn't care about, we donated to the Goodwill.  Despite the 90+ degree weather that day, we had the place all put back together and ready for business by Monday morning. 

Kyle's Graduation - June 14, 2015

The last child in our family to graduate, phew!  And we're done!!

Childhood friend Leo Moen who is about 7-months younger then Kyle entered my daycare when he was about 8 months old.  Although the boys have been in a different school district, they have remained really good friend all these years.   

Yes, I made another cake for Kyle.  Once again he wanted Vanilla with Raspberry.  Had to order the diploma top.  I can't do any fancy writing so it looked rather plain.  But tasted delicious.
We didn't do a party with friends for graduation, just with family.  Mainly because he just had his Eagle scout recognition ceremony with over 100 in attendance that night and we knew we wanted to do something big for his mission farewell.  So we just had a simple BBQ with a few friends over like the Shulberg's, Robert, Joe and Sandra.  Moen's and Henry & his mom arrived on the later side.  Kent and Allyssa Beddeo also came.  Julie was sick, but ultimately made it to the graduation ceremony and Lindsey was at a baby shower but also arrived in time for the ceremony.  
The following day was Leo's graduation and Ryan, Kyle and myself attended his ceremony in the same location as ours.  Was kinda crazy driving to Everett Comcast Arena 2-nights in a row.  But Leo did it for us!
24-hours later and the role is reversed. 
Kyle brought his cap and gown and just for the fun of it, they photographed together. 

Who did we see at Leo's graduation....Brielle Lybbert.  IDK her married name.  She is the same age as Kenedee and just had a baby.  Crazy thing, she also used to attend my daycare oh so long ago.  Her mom Lori and I go way back.

Leo, his sister Etta and Kyle.  How is it possible that our kids have grown up so quickly?

Missionary Farewell party - August 16, 2015

So here is what we did for Kyle's missionary farewell.  An ice cream sundae bar.  This entire summer we've been experiencing record breaking temperatures so instead of having hot appetizers, we went with s refreshing dessert instead.  I had about 33 flavors/syrups to choose from.  I pre-scooped all the ice cream into bowls with lids and had them ready to go for our guests.  We also had HM cookies, brownies, rice krispy treats and crème puffs as well.

Melinda Lassen did my chalkboards for me as well as wrote the topping descriptions on the spoons and labels as well.  (So very talented)  Since Kyle will be on a bike for the next 2-years, we thought it would be fun to display a bike with a chalk drawing of Elder Malcom and Palm trees. 

My sister Niki used her cricket machine and did the neck ties that spelled out CARDS.  We used a new piece of his black luggage to display so friends could put their cards in there, if they had one.  Niki also did black napkins that said Elder Malcom, Tampa Florida Mission on them.  I found a large piece of black foam at the Dollar Store and Niki used her cricket machine once again and spelled out ELDER MALCOM.  Friends and family signed it.  Was meant to look like a missionary tag.  The whole day was really nice. 

Niki gave me an early birthday gift.  A countdown to when Kyle returns!  I was doing fine until then.  Couldn't stop crying after that!

Lots of family came up from Puyallup and Tacoma to attend Kyle's farewell talk.  Rick & Lynda, Brian & Celeste with 2 of their boys - Rix and Jacob.  David & Melinda with all 4 kids, Bob & Suzy with all 3 kids, Grandma & Grandpa Lassen and Janese and Tessa - late as usual.  
Once we got home, Sandra and Joe, Melissa and boys and Robert Allemang joined us as well.  There were 32 of us here.  Since they made the early and long drive up that Sunday morning, I did feed them Costco pizza and salad before we had ice cream.  All family and Robert left by 3:00 then Melissa, Conner and Nick as well as Sandra and Joe stayed an visited until almost 5 PM.  During those 2 hours, I spent most of the time cleaning up and getting ready for the "Open House" that began at 5 PM.  I wasn't too surprised, but people were showing up right at 5PM and no one was leaving!  Families brought their kids, which was fine but I asked that they stay outside to play and eat their ice cream.  Trust me, my daycare room was a disaster, but by the time the party was over at 8 PM, parents had cleaned up the room and there was very little for me to do.  That pleased me.  By the end of the day, I counted (from the electronic evites I had sent out), we had close to 200 people in our home that day!  Phew!  AND I didn't run out. 
Torrie and John Barnes, Dave Geddes
Becky, Henry and other teenage friends
Kirt and Teresa Oler,(Home and VT) Kara Watkins, Bro. & Sis. Wolff.
 Some of the families outside with their children.
Ryan, Andrew, Layne, Brad, Charles, Jeff
Lance and Lucy Shulberg - Kyle's seminary teacher

Kyle and Elyse Shulberg

Best friend, Henry
Barbara Bradford and Kayla Telford
Liam and Caleb Griffard (first guests to arrive)
Elder Jennings, Elder Hunter, Andrew Griffard and Liam
Nicole Milstead, Andrea, Jean Brough, Eddie and Bishop Fillmore

We had these cards made up for friends/family to take incase they wanted to write Kyle.  (Front & back of card)

 Elder Ellis and Elder Jennings.  A huge help to Kyle in prepping him to go.  He would go on splits with these Elders.
 In 2-years we will put another picture there and see how much he has grown.
Airport drop off at 5:15 AM, headed to Provo, UT MTC - August 19, 2015