Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Kyle's Graduation - June 14, 2015

The last child in our family to graduate, phew!  And we're done!!

Childhood friend Leo Moen who is about 7-months younger then Kyle entered my daycare when he was about 8 months old.  Although the boys have been in a different school district, they have remained really good friend all these years.   

Yes, I made another cake for Kyle.  Once again he wanted Vanilla with Raspberry.  Had to order the diploma top.  I can't do any fancy writing so it looked rather plain.  But tasted delicious.
We didn't do a party with friends for graduation, just with family.  Mainly because he just had his Eagle scout recognition ceremony with over 100 in attendance that night and we knew we wanted to do something big for his mission farewell.  So we just had a simple BBQ with a few friends over like the Shulberg's, Robert, Joe and Sandra.  Moen's and Henry & his mom arrived on the later side.  Kent and Allyssa Beddeo also came.  Julie was sick, but ultimately made it to the graduation ceremony and Lindsey was at a baby shower but also arrived in time for the ceremony.  
The following day was Leo's graduation and Ryan, Kyle and myself attended his ceremony in the same location as ours.  Was kinda crazy driving to Everett Comcast Arena 2-nights in a row.  But Leo did it for us!
24-hours later and the role is reversed. 
Kyle brought his cap and gown and just for the fun of it, they photographed together. 

Who did we see at Leo's graduation....Brielle Lybbert.  IDK her married name.  She is the same age as Kenedee and just had a baby.  Crazy thing, she also used to attend my daycare oh so long ago.  Her mom Lori and I go way back.

Leo, his sister Etta and Kyle.  How is it possible that our kids have grown up so quickly?