Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August Craft Night, 2015

Sandra and her knitting
 Kathy created Disney shirts for their next trip to Disneyland.
Mary was working on a baby quilt.
 Teresa was creating bows, Kara was knitting
Caroline was working on her first quilt ever.  Brandolyn was sewing curtains.
 Torrie was consulting with Kathy on some cricket idea's
Mary was cutting fabric for her baby quilt
First time in 18-months, we finally had a ladies craft night.  The last one I hosted , was way before the wedding and was working on the "Save The Date" invites.  I felt the need to have one to help distract me from Kyle being away.  Beginning September 12th, we will go back to our 2nd Saturday of the month.  This particular craft night there were 9 of us!  Myself, Kathy, Mary, Torrie, Brandolyn, Kara, Caroline and Teresa and Sandra.  We had quilters, crafters, knitters and myself...really nothing.  I was gone all day Saturday and wasn't organized at start time.  Besides, every time I would sit down, one of the ladies would ask if I had something in particular they could borrow.  So I was constantly getting up and getting items for them.  No big deal though.  I served ice cream sundae's since I had so much left over from the farewell party.    Mary had me get out my fancy sewing machine and has encouraged me to take a class and learn how to use it before I start my next quilt.  I love craft nights!   We learn from each other, socialize, laugh and enjoy yummy food.  Doesn't get any better then that.  And its cheaper than therapy!