Thursday, May 3, 2012

Moon and Stars Special Order

During the course of our Dublin Dollar Fundraising, I became friends with several other parents in our community as we met on a regular basis to plan fundraising events.  One gal I met early on is named Barb Swan.  She was the parents that kept track of all the hours the students worked at each fundraising event.  Barb was also the head chair of the LFP Farmer's Market that was held mid-July that I couldn't attend due to my family reunion.  I just supplied Barb with all my baked goods and she made sure they were well taken care of.  Since then, Barb recognizes my passion for baking and has placed several personal orders over time.  Her first personal order was a blackberry pie for Christmas Eve dinner. 

After I returned from Ireland, Barb had asked me for another special order.  She is hosting a book club party at her home this evening and wanted my baked goods. 
The book that they read is titled "Night Circus".  Never heard of this book before but she wanted cookies that tied in with the book.  She requested Moons and Stars.  Hoping for black and white frosting, easier said then done however!    

She had asked that I individually wrap 14 of them for hostess gifts.  Also asked me to put my name and number on them for advertising.  She said that most of the ladies she's invited to book club tonight are all women who enjoy hosting parties and spend money on catering.  She thought that maybe she could drum up some business for me.  Very thoughtful of her

So these cookies were a bit more challenging then I thought.  Definitely a learning process.  For the stars I used a sugar cookie icing like I use for my gingerbread boys.  It has Karo Syrup in it which gives it a shine and smooth surface.  However, I had to hand paint the icing on every cookie to get the tips of the stars and the nose on the moon.  The border that I initially planned to do didn't work out at all.  Spent a couple of hours trying to figure out how I was going to finish off the edges of each cookie and make it look nice. 

BTW- black frosting is terrible to work with.  No matter how much black you use, when starting with a white base, you end up with gray.  I fought with the black for hours and ended up having to stick with the same black icing in used initially and just thicken it a bit.  I ended up tracing around the moon.  There was no other way.  So yes, the starts are fancier.  I also hand painted glitter on each star as well to give it a sparkle.  All and all, these cookies took me about 2 days to produce but if doing it again, would be able to do it in half the time.  Don't think I really made anything off this order with the time I invested.  Maybe next time;)


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