Monday, April 30, 2012

Mormon Prom 2012

Mormon Prom 2012.  This is the second year in a row that Kenedee has attended Mormon Prom.  Last year she had a blind date and swore she would never do that again.  This year her boyfriend David took her, but first there was drama!  Kenedee had been planning for this special night for a few months.  She special ordered her dress from China and then when it arrived we had to have it altered to fit her very petite body.  48-hours before prom, David learned that he had to participate in a 2-mile run for track to see if he qualified for districts.    7 PM on Saturday night, no less.  OH MY GOODNESS!  The world came crashing down on Kenedee.  She wasn't mad at him, just the situation and the fact that he didn't know about this run until right before prom.  She was crying all day.  She tried to find some back-up guy friends, but everyone already had plans.  Ryan and I felt so bad for her.  We were both a bit surprised that David wasn't in a position to turn down this run.  Oh well. 

 The prom was in the same location as last year.  The Issaquah community center.  13-stakes were invited.  For 2-years in a row, a family in our stake The Quinton's (whom I don't know) have a mansion in the Highlands and have hosted a lovely dinner for all the youth in our stake prior to prom.  What I didn't know until Saturday night, that this was only the 2nd year they've hosted a dinner, so even if Tessa would have went to Mormon Prom this wasn't offered then.  This beautiful mansion is located off of the Puget Sound with a gaited security.  We've had the priviledge for the last couple of years, to provide a shuttle service in our luxurious 15-passenger van (lol) from the stake center to the Quinton's.  

The Quinton's became quite wealthy when Bro. Quinton founded Quinton's medical supplies.  Since then have been millionairs.  Lucky for these youth that we have such a generous couple in our stake willing to put on such a lovely dinner with photography and music for about 1.5 hours prior to leaving for prom.  They do this so that all the youth with or without a date can enjoy a true "Prom Experience" without having to pay money.  The stake leaders are the servers.  I guess it's just an amazing home (mansion).  What a neat opportunity for the youth. 

At about 12:30 in the afternoon on Saturday, Kenedee received a call from David saying that they moved his run to 3:00 which meant he could be dressed and ready by 4:45.  Kenedee was thrilled.  We made arrangements to pick him up at his home and I took him to the Milstead's where they wanted to do photo's under the cherry tree.  (Don't mind the cars in the background)  When I picked up David, I was able to meet his mother and noticed that David had a wrist corsage for Kenedee.  I knew she would be upset because she didn't have one for David since she didn't think he would be going.  David said he planned to give it to her even if he couldn't have attended.  Yes, I think Kenedee was a bit embarrassed since she didn't have a boutonniere for him, but she got over it real quick.   

Julie and I both noticed that Kenedee and David kissed right in front of everyone.  I was speechless and didn't know what to say.  Kinda caught me off guard.  I've seen her kiss him before, but I wasn't expecting that right in front of everyone including Julie. 

In this picture is Shanna Gregory, Kenedee of course, Nichole Milstead and her older sister Jessica Milstead.  The girls all got ready at Shanna's then Jessica drove them to her house for pictures.  David and I arrived to the Milstead's before the carload of girls even arrived. 

In this photo also the dates of the others.  Parker went with Shanna.  A childhood friend of Kenedee's.  Bryce took Jessica.  Don't know him, but recognize him from our Ireland trip and Kenedee and David and then Nichole who was going to go as Kenedee's date until David came through.

Ryan spent a couple of hours really making the van look nice by washing it and vacuuming it out, little details but we wanted to transport these couples in something that was at least clean and free of debris.  Ended up that we only transported one other couple besides David and Kenedee to prom.  Almost could have got by with just the Venza and saved a ton of gas and time on Saturday.  Oh well.  During prom Ryan and I enjoyed a nice dinner as we did last year at Jak's.  Best borboun pork chops ever!