Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kenedee's 18th Birthday

Today I can legally kick Kenedee out of the house if she upsets me!  lol.  It's her 18th birthday.    Our family has a tradition like I'm sure many do, birthday person gets to choose their dinner, whether its their favorite home cooked meal or dining out.  Just like last year, Kenedee chose Beth's Cafe on Aurora.  (Tessa introduced us to this shady establishment a while ago.)  It's a different dining experience but great food with enormous size portions.  They are known for the 12 egg omelet.  I guess this place is open 24/7.  It never closes!  Which could explain why it never gets a good cleaning.    Kenedee's boyfriend David joined us as well as Tessa and Spencer of course. 
It's been  was a pretty mellow day for her 18th birthday.  She said only 3 friends at school remembered.  I sensed she was feeling a little on the "low" side.  I feel bad, but what can ya do?  David walked her home from school and spent the evening with our family.  After dinner we came back to the house for dessert.  Kenedee's never been a huge fan of sweets.  Definitely not a cake lover at all.   All she wanted was boring Neapolitan ice cream cones.  

David and Kenedee looking through their menu choices.
This is David and Kenedee in the back parking lot at Beth's Cafe. It's a painted wall that makes for an great back drop. Last year Kenedee and Kyle had their picture taken there.

Ryan and I got her a Kindle Fire for her birthday gift.  A nicer gift for a special birthday.  She wanted one and I think she'll get a lot of use out of it.