Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Annual Daycare Party

As many of you know, every year I host a daycare party for all my clients as a thank you for their business and loyalty. It's generally a huge undertaking, but I love to host parties and really enjoy watching the families get to know one another. This was my 9th year having one. The first party I held was back in 2000, right after we moved into our home. For the first couple of years everyone came to my place and we just BBQ'd and I would rent an astrojump for the children. Within a couple of years my business grew large enough that I was no longer able to accomodate the group in my back yard. Since then, I now reserve the church building and use all the facilities it has to offer. I'm always looking for new theme's so that I can change it up a bit, but since I invest in so many decorations, I do try to get a couple of years worth out of each theme. This year was a sock hop. I had 87 guests in attendance. I think it was the biggest turn out I've ever had. I always serve dinner and provide entertainment for everyone. This year my neighbor DJ'd for us and he did an awesome job! I also had a really good friend provide the photography so that I didn't have to do it myself. After it's all said and done, the planning starts for our next party!


Anonymous said...

Go Tod!! He's the best dj, Im glad you were able to reserve him :) I think he really is talented at getting the crowd going.
Bummer we can't invite ourselves every year but it sounds like it was awesome :)

Lassen Family said...

I love the decorations--too cute! And I have to say those are some fancy glasses you have on there! hehe

Shanda said...

Wow Shannon! You are crazy about parties! I love that you always theme everything. SO FUN! I'm sure from my reunion experience it was great!