Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Brand New Kitchen 1-Year Anniversary

So you know I'm stretching for ideas to blog about when I have to come up with something from 1-year ago. Trust me, it was and still is a big deal for me. When we moved into our home April of 2000, we knew immediately that an updated kitchen was going to be forthcoming. It only took 7 years for us to decide to make that financial commitment to have a new kitchen installed. For us the deciding factor was when all the appliance stopped working, one by one. I was getting tired of cooking all my meals in my daycare kitchen downstairs and never able to spend time upstairs with my family. I'm sure we could have found a cheaper option, but we chose to use Kitchen Plus out of Bellevue because they guaranteed completion within 2 weeks. We had a few issue's like most people do with remodel work, but for the most part, I love my new kitchen. We've yet to have a party to invite all our friends over. Soon:)

So today marks the 1-year anniversary of the new kitchen.


Anonymous said...

wow...I remember that old kitchen but I already forgot. What a difference huh?? Im so happy for you tho, that new kitchen is truly a dream come true for most women and Im glad it came true for you!

Shanda said...

FUN! It looks great! I love having a kitchen (I know what it's like not to as well cause we don't right now and it's tough!)