Thursday, August 7, 2008

Seven Peaks - Provo, UT

Tuesday morning, we headed to the water park. That was crazy. They actually had a film crew there that day, filming for Highschool Musical a Disney Production. We had to wait in lines everywhere while the film crew tried to get the shots they needed. Trust me, I was never close enough that I have to worry about being seen in my bathing suit!
You see that huge orange slide that has a complete drop? Trust me....don't go on it, you will injure yourself in more places then I care to mention. I ended up having to get a massage the next day because I hurt my neck to bad. Couldn't move it for almost 24-hours. That's me going down the slide.
My brother David and daughter Maddie on the water slide.
For the price, we got our monies worth. Next time we'll bring our own food into the park. That's where they get ya.


Anonymous said...

Owch! Im so sorry about your neck! What a way to ruin a fun day. Thanks for the heads up and I'll just skip that when we get to go someday. You look amazing in your suit!

Torrie said...

they have a dangerous slide like that in montana too! will never go on it again!
at least you got a massage out of it though!

Paige said...

We almost went to 7 peaks on the same day but I opted out because I didn't want to go without Eric's help. It looks like fun but I'm so sorry about your neck! How brave of you to try that crazy slide.

It sounds like you had a nice vacation, except for Ryan working.