Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Fun Begins Here!

So we're set. With the price of gas and the energy used to load up 12-15 kids to go on a field trip, why not bring the fun to daycare. Last year I purchased an Astro Jump for the business. Best business purchase ever! This year was the new playground and water slide. At any rate, I'm by far the coolest mom on the block. We seem to attract every stray child wondering the neighborhood:) My back yard is a disaster, but the kids are having a fabulous time. I'm glad Kyle's still young and small enough to enjoy the new toys as well. Unfortunately there's a weight restriction on the water slide, so I can't go on it. 80 lb. limit. What a bummer! Let's just hope for continuous nice weather so that I can get my monies worth!


Anonymous said...

Im so happy to finally see some pictures of this!! It looks like a total wonderland!~!
Have you noticed a big difference at all now that the tree with the razor sharp needles is gone?

Torrie said...

looks like fun!
wish we had beautiful sun ALL day everyday so we could enjoy the weather!
we'll have to be strays on your block so we can enjoy the fun!