Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Okay, so it's the New Year and have I done anything about making changes for 2008? Let's be realistic, New Year's Resolutions are over-rated. It's really hard to change habits, whether good or bad. So in all honesty, I'm just going to try to make improvements one step at a time. If I can't do it all right now, then so what! Life keeps on going.
At first I created a list of things I wanted to change or to learn, but the list became so long that it was just too overwhelming. All I'd be doing is setting myself up for failure and disappointment. So I decided to prioritize my list into categories on their importance. For example, I really want to learn all there is to know about blogging. How to make changes, put my blog to music, have lists, cool quotes and pictures, just like everyone else. But if it doesn't happen right now, what's does that really mean? I guess it just means that I won't have a cool blog to look at and I may be the last to learn of things or news going on in others lives. That's okay by me. What's more important to me, is that I'm keeping a journal. If I can spend time once a week blogging, then I had better spend just as much time recording in my journal. Journal first, blogging second. More like a reward to myself. Once I establish this habit, then I can move on to something else. As for now, it is what it is.


Torrie said...

i don't do new years resolutions myself. i try to improve my self all year. i'll get on the treadmill when time allows, cook cool meals when i have the ingredients and so forth.
as for journal wrinting- i use my blog as a journal- given a very vauge journal, but a journal. paige found a cool website that you can order your blog as a journal. so once you have a years worth or so like she does, you can send in for it and they mail it to you. i want to do it when i hit my 1 year blogging mark. you should ask paige for the web address, just to check it out:)
and i am glad to come over and show you what little i know, if you would like.{like taking word verification off}.

Anonymous said...

I didnt know about that - I guess we all need to ask Paige to just blog about it. Thats cool.
Its tough too because Shannon already found out what happens when she says things about her husband on her blog, he got his feeler's know, in a manly sorta way. So she has to put those things in a little less public forum. I go in waves it seems. If I wasn't married,I'd probably write in my journal every night but he thinks I take too long as it is with my prayers, scriptures and obligatory reading in a novel (I call it my sleeping pill, can't get to sleep without it unless I reallllly tired) Ya so anyway...I can't say that I have ever done the new year's resolution thing. I never quite understood the idea of only changing yourself once a year. I figure every morning is enough of a "okay...what can I do better TODAY??" type of resolution as it is...

kelly said...

blogging is my journal too!
here's that website for the blog book. very cool.

Paige said...

Just take baby steps and make your goal, your blog looks great.