Saturday, December 29, 2007

Florida beaches

The beaches here are absolutely beautiful and remind me of being in Cancun. Hopefully Ryan and I will make it back there again someday! Gorgeous soft sand that you could walk in for miles. The children are body surfing in the warm Atlantic ocean, while Janie and I are trying to take in some sun bathing.


Kelli Lafranca said...

It's so weird to see you guys in swimsuits, tank tops, and swimming in the ocean. It's not snowing in WA but it's freezing anyway! Glad to hear your vacation is going well, looks like you're having a blast, but we sure missed seeing you this time around. Love you!

Paige said...

Did you die and go to my heaven? It looks like a great vacation -- that you really needed.

Anonymous said...

you look really great- perfect top for you! That picture of Kenedee is straight from a magazine, she looks beautiful. I know I know- hard to get a good picture of Kenedee..haha
where's Tessa?

mindy said...

I'm jealous! I think it would be fabulous to experience a warm Christmas just once in my life. I do, however, love the snow and was very pleased to have it snow here in Utah on Christmas Eve.
Glad to see you all had fun.
Happy New Year!