Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Friends and Family Cookbook

As most of you know, I love to cook. Doesn't necessarily mean that I'm a great cook, but I do like to try out new recipes. My most favorite hobby is looking through cookbooks and collecting new recipes to try out on family and friends. Although I cook all day long for many children, night time cooking seems to be neglected around my house simply because I'm just too tired. Having friends over for dinner gives me delight as well as an excuse to sit down and eat as a family. (What a concept!)

I was inspired to put together this cookbook because many of my family and friends have requested recipes in the past from different dishes I have made. So over the past 2 years I've been compiling recipes and trying to put this cookbook together. A lot of thought was put into the layout of how I wanted this book to look. I wanted it to be extra special by adding pages that had measurements and substitutions, counting calories, cooking terms as well as quick fixes. I had lots of options for additional pages, but I wanted to stick with the most practical ones.

It took a couple of years to achieve this goal. The first time I entered all my recipes and tried to submit it for publishing, the on-line company said that this was only on on-line site. Are you kidding me? There was no way to get these in a cookbook form? I was really discouraged an uncertain if I wanted to commit the time all over again. I decided to do some homework before investing that kind of time again. I finally found a company that would publish for me, of course after I re-typed everything in their program. So the task began all over again.

I dare say this book was made with love. Many of these recipes I grew up with. I didn't tell most of my family and of course none of my friends that I was putting this together because I wanted to give these out as Christmas gifts to everyone. Many recipes are from extended family and friends. I did give credit where credit was due. I do hope that these recipes are enjoyed for generations to come.

Unfortunately, when placing this order the minimum amount of books that I could order was 200. So....if anyone is ever looking for a gift idea for someone, I have cases and cases of cookbooks for sale. I am selling them for $15 a book. Please let your friends know.


Torrie said...

i love mine! thank you!
and the ones i bought for my families were a huge hit!
one of my families called me last week to tell me how good one of the recipes they made for dinner was!
i am so proud of you! this is quite an accomplishment!

Kristin R said...

Hi, Shannon! I found your blog via Paige! Fun to see what you guys have been up to.

I just have to comment on your beautiful quilt you made for Ryan's b'day... First of all, it's gorgeous! Secondly, when we were touring my cousin's mosque in Vancouver, BC in March, there were all these intricate, gorgeous really really really old tapestries decorating the walls. Each of them was purposely woven with at least one mistake because only God can create something perfect. I LOVE THAT, and it's really helped our Maren, who's entirely too hard on herself sometimes. So, now, look at that quilt and if you see an imperfection, let it remind you that only your Heavenly Father can make something perfect...YOU! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'll buy one Shannon!

Anonymous said...

I love mine too- I will have to think of who I think would like one (or 2) so they can have one of your amazing books too!The recipes are so wonderful, some of them I've had at your house , some because we've made them and I KNOW you wouldn't put it in the book unless the recipe had always gotten "rave reviews".
by the way, I love how the picture of you and Ryan looks like you are standing by those pretty leaves on your layout- it makes the picture even more beautiful..

Paige said...

It is an awesome cookbook. Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into it -- and good job keeping it a surprise.

We could use it as an ongoing Briarcrest fundraiser -- put a case of them in the office, sell them for $20 and donate $5 to the school.