Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tree Removal - First Step...

Before the new structure gets installed, the first step was to have a massive tree removed from my backyard. It continues to drop sharp shavings of pine cones that will cut you if you're bare foot. We've experienced this from outdoor water play, trust me on this. No bare feet in my back yard, how sad! Also, my lawn service will not mow back there because he said it will ruin his blades.'s also in the way of where the new structure will be. So down it came.
It now appears that I have a larger and brighter backyard. Yeah! Maybe with more sun exposure we might be able to grow some grass back there. Time will tell.
After observing the trunk of the tree I was intrigued to learn that the tree was 40 years old. Just as young as me:)


Anonymous said... must be slackin' then because that tree is much taller than you! I have heard that if you get lime or some additive (ask your local home depot gardening specialist) you can change the ph of your ground so grass can grow. I'd imagine with that tree there for so lawn, it would take forever to make grass grow without some supplementing.
I cant wait to see what it looks like back there..I had no idea the blades were so sharp!! Thats amazing that the mower wouldn't even MOW back there!