Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My New Found Love!

So here is the reason why I haven't had time to blog. I've been busy making quilts for my children. I have discovered how much I love sewing quilts and decided that each of my children needed one. As you can tell, they are very similar but have a few differences. I was inspired to make them when the remodel was completed and the kids each got their own bedrooms. Kenedee's bedroom walls are bright orange. She has accented with pinks, greens and yellows. Her quilt is quite busy but turned out really well. The backing is a tye-dye print.

Tessa's room is turquoise blue with pink and green. Hers turned out a bit smaller as I planned for hers to be a wall hanging to help decorate her room. It's permanent place is on the floor! She doesn't even appreciate the work involved.

Kyle's new room is decorated with all different sports. His quilt has different sports prints. Kyle uses his every night on his bed, and LOVES it.

Even if the kids don't fully understand the work put into the making of a quilt, I had a blast making them. I found someone in Everett that has a 16-ft. long arm that quilts them for me. My machine can't handle the size of quilts I've been making, let alone my lack of experience. I have about 5 more planned or in the works. Too much sewing to do, so little time:(


Paige said...

Those are so amazing Shannon! What talent and such beautiful keepsakes that I'm sure will be passed on for generations.

Kathy said...

You continue to amaze me, Shannon! I have no idea how you do it all. Those quilts are absolutely gorgeous - not that I would expect anything less from you. ;)

julene said...

I'm TRULY IMPRESSED...and I DO APPRECIATE ALL OF THE WORK that goes into making a quilt, as I watched my Mom make SO MANY over the years! Your children are blessed (whether they know it or not). Melba LOVES quilting & is very active in the hobby! I never caught the bug.

Pamela said...

You've given me even more reasons now to be in awe of you. Dang it, you really need to stop. :)