Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Grandpa Larry Passes Away

We knew grandpa's time was getting close. My grandfather would have been celebrating his 90th birthday 1-month later. His birthday party was already planned and family members were flying in to celebrate, but he didn't quite make it.

Last summer we all drove to Utah to enjoy our family reunion. During that time, we said our good-bye's not knowing if his health would allow us to see him again. His leukemia took over very quickly as his body just couldn't fit it any longer. My father being the youngest of grandpa's 2 children, flew into Utah and arrived just in time to give him a blessing and ask for him to pass peacefully.

I was only 8-years old when my grandma Edith passed away. Being the oldest grandchild on the Lassen side, I was about the only grandchild to remember her. Grandpa remarried to Rhoda and passed away 13-years ago from Leukemia. Grandpa remarried a third time and this time she outlived him. We're going to miss grandpa very much, but we know he's in a much better place.


julene said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Grandpa passing away...nice for him to no longer be suffering but hard for ALL those who are missing him!

Shanda said...

LOVE the new pictures on the side! AND LOVE updates! SO FUN that you're quilting! Sorry to hear about your grandpa, but I know it's better... and FUN FUN cruise!!! AWESOME! Hope you've been having a GREAT summer!!!