Friday, January 30, 2009

August 2008 - Anniversary Month

August 13th, Ryan and I celebrated 20-years of marriage. On a whim, we decided to fly to Las Vegas that following weekend and visit our best friends who were vacationing. It was almost a dare I guess. They invited us, but didn't think we would actually go through with it. Guess what, surprise! Had tons of fun. We even stayed with my Aunt to help keep the costs down. It was fun becoming re-aquinted with her. We really were't there very long. I think from the time we left our home in Seattle to the time we returned it was 56 hours all together. By far the quickest trip we've ever made anywhere. We didn't even check in lagguage!

Then the following weekend, we decided to go to the Jack Johnson concert at the Gorge. That was a new experience for us. Not only to see a concert, but to get Ryan to actually go camping. I've been trying to get him to go for years. I think he might even admit to having fun. We went with some co-workers from Watchguard. Also, another quick weekend. Left Friday morning and came back Sunday afternoon. Way too long of a drive just to camp for such a short time. I'd love to return back to that camp ground, if we could take the kids and spend a week.


Orrin and Shari Baker said...

Did you love the Jack Johnson concert that you went to? Orrin and I went a few summers ago to an outdoor Jack Johnson concert and I LOVED it! Congratulations on 20 yrs of marriage. That's awesome! How fun that you flew to Vegas on a whim...those seem to be the most memorable trips of all for me. It looks like life is going well and that you're keeping busy. Fun update! Thanks for sharing. Take Care!

Anonymous said...

20 years!! I didn't know that! Well I think you celebrated in such an awesome, spontaneous way- both excursions are ones I would have loved to have taken as well, I love the pics too.