Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our Next Family Vacation!

This year Ryan and I will celebrate 20 blissful years of marriage. After much thought, we've decided on our vacation spot. We're going to take a Mexican Riviera Cruise. I've never been to the 3 ports of call, but Ryan did finish his mission in Mazatlan and would love to return back to visit areas that he was unable to see. We've never taken a cruise, for several of reasons. For Ryan it was lack of interest, for me it's because I have a fear of large bodies of water. After talking to many people who have cruised, we have overcome our issue's and decided to try a new experience.
Ryan and I have been planning this for the past couple of months. Lots of things to work out, like....We still need to keep the daycare open while I am gone, who's going to house sit, whose going to care for the kids, how are they going to get to all their activities, lots of details. So after much thought, we've just decided to take our children with us. We were going to hold off telling them for awhile, but it was killing me to hold it in. So last night for family night, we brought it up in conversation. I don't think I've ever heard my girls scream so loud and jump so high off the ground in my life. Kyle's only concern is that the ship is going to sink, just like the Titanic. I assured him that this wasn't going to happen. He's okay with it now.
The only thing that Ryan requested was that we have separate rooms and he wanted a balcony room for us. The kids will just be across the hall from us.
Although this trip isn't planned until November 29th, it gives Ryan and I an incentive to keep up with weight watcher's.


Lassen Family said...

How fun for you guys! I'm so jealous! I'm sure once you go on the cruise, any reservations you had about going will disappear, I hear they are amazing! (not that I would know...:)

Paige said...

Awesome! I'd be jumping off the walls too. I'm sure it will be a fabulous time for all of you.

kelly said...

how exciting!
it's so fun (and motivating) to have something wonderful to look forward to.
you deserve it!

Torrie said...

your going to love it!
i went on a cruise to the bahamas the first time i went and there is nothing like it! the whole experience is amazing!