Friday, June 1, 2012

Did Someone Mention Pie?

 A close up so you can see the toasted coconut on top.  Coconut cream pie from start to finish takes 5 hours to prepare.  Of course that is if your making your own pie crust! 
 It was requested that I bring coconut cream pie to dinner group in May.  Was a hit!  Even Ryan said it was the best coconut cream pie he had ever had.  To me that compliment was worth every minute of prep time.  
Barb Swan, who is my friend who ordered the stars and moon sugar cookies, hired me to make her son's birthday pie.  Tim requested my apple pie.  This 9-inch deep dish pie made the entire house smell delicious.   
I even garnished it with apple cutouts on top of the crusts.  Just a little personal touch.


Paige said...

Is this your new business? Amazing stuff as usual Shannon. Wish I were there to taste test for you!

Torrie said...

Ryan is right, BEST pie ever!
Thank you sooo much for the wonderful dessert and all the time you spend making it and sharing it with our dinner group.I really appreciated it!