Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Feeling overwhelmed with life

Going on my 4th week of being a single parent. Not really, but for once I really miss having Ryan at home. He's been involved in a huge project at work that has kept him at the office between 15-20 hours a day. He actually gets to take tomorrow off and then enjoy a 4-day holiday weekend. I want to let him sleep, but yet there is so much to do around the house that requires his attention. I have become quite the handyman around the house. Can't hang the quilt rod on my own though. That has to wait. Maybe that's what Ryan will give me for Christmas!

Tessa just learned that she gets to perform in the Macy's Day parade the day after Thanksgiving. We were planning to stay the night at my parents on Thursday, but now we have to come home early so that Tessa can be in Downtown Seattle by 7 AM Friday morning. I am excited for her because this is a once in a life time opportunity, however I have mixed emotions about letting her perform. We have struggled so much with her these past 6 months since we discovered her hidden lifestyle and letting her do things like this makes me nervous. I just have to learn to trust her again and allow her the opportunities to let her earn our trust back.

Kenedee had the opportunity to perform in a Jazz festival this past weekend. I would have loved to have seen it, but we already had a primary activity planned for that AM. Which by the way was very successful.

Kyle's heart was broken at school yesterday when he learned that he didn't get the lead part in a play that the 5th and 6th graders will be performing in the spring. I'm so glad that I was home and able to comfort him when he burst through the doors with tears. I wanted to cry with him because I knew how much he wanted the part and had practiced for it.

This is the first year since I started my daycare business that I actually feel that I'm somewhat prepared for the holiday's. I cause extra stress in my own life, because I choose to give homemade gifts instead of purchasing them. Each year there are more families involved in the daycare and I'm getting to the point that I can't keep up anymore. I don't want to disappoint my families, but I know they look forward to something originial. I'm running out of idea's and could really use some help.

1996 - Homemade pies and a jar of homemade pie filling

1997 - Machine sewn reversable table runners with a cannister of goodies.

1998 - Layered Jar gifts. Canister with goodies.

1999 - Hand sewn snowmen ornaments for each family member. Canister with goodies.

2000 - Homemade calendars off our laser printer. (Okay but technology has improved!) Canister with goodies.

2001 - Ceramic holiday pots filled with candy. (Taught this class in HFPE) Canister with goodies

2002 - Dinner basket filled with homemade spaghetti sauce, pasta, canned fruit, CG to Great Harvest Bread CO. and homemade fudge. Canister with goodies.

2003 - Movie buckets with concessions and GC to Blockbusters. Canister with goodies.

2004 - GC entitling each family to a 4-course homemade dinner and dessert at there request. (Had a menu to choose from) Canister with goodies.

2005 - Scrapbooks with their childs daycare pictures. Canister with goodies.

2006 - Story time books including flannel boards, CD w/music and Costco printed calendars. Canister with goodies.

2007- Can't tell anyone yet.


kelly said...

wow shannon!
on top of providing fantastic care for their children they also get a fabulous present!
i bet they would be happy with just a plateful of your perfect chocolate chip cookies...

Shannon said...

Thanks Kelly, but unfortunetly I can't get away with just cookies anymore. I've spoiled them and now they expect original handmade gifts. Always looking for new ideas:)

Anonymous said...

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